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Fibreglass Pool Colour Options

Choosing the best fibreglass pool colour

When it comes to colour selection for your fibreglass pool, the Scenic Pools view is that only the best will do. With our advanced patented surface protection Pool ColourGuard technology, we know that your pool colour will not fade or blister, and this is why we are happy to provide you with a lifetime interior surface guarantee.

Choose from the most popular and advanced pool colours in the swimming pool industry. Coloured and evenly blended with metallic flecks throughout the surface, no other pool shimmers and sparkles in the sun as spectacularly as a Scenic Pool does.

Colour choice is important, so when it comes to selecting from our contemporary range of spectacular colour finishes, here are some of our tips:
  • Consider your surroundings and your tile, paver or decking choice. If your pool is in a shaded area or surrounded by trees, consider a lighter pool as the surroundings could make your pool automatically look darker
  • Find pictures of pool colours that you like and let us assist you and advise which of our colour options would be the closest match
  • Focus more on shades and tones rather than a specific colour, because a sunny day versus an overcast will change the colour and look of the pool water
  • Factor in the size and depth of the pool. Lighter colour pools tend to look larger, so if you're getting a plunge or smaller pool, consider a lighter colour.
View our

Premium Pool Colours

View our

Premium Pool Colours

Silver Mist




Hamptons Blue

Argyle Blue

Delta Blue


Sky Blue